Transitions-Mental Health Association Residential Youth Counselor-Weeknight and Weekend Shifts in SAN LUIS OBISPO, California

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Position Summary

Transitions - Mental Health Association has an opening for a Residential Youth Counselor. Under the general direction of the Program Manager, the Residential Youth Counselor: supervises residents at all times, ensures a safe and healthy living environment, performs moderate household maintenance; provides empathic listening and active engagement in activities, as well as contains, de-escalates and mediates conflict; sets healthy and clear boundaries; facilitates structured support groups, and assists residents in learning how to trust adult care and build healthy relationships; assists youth in utilizing community resources in order to return to stable living within the community.

YTP is a restorative, trauma-informed treatment program. Treatment is rooted in the most current research on the neurobiology of human behavior and how developmental stress and trauma changes the brain and interrupts the formation of healthy attachments and relationships. The program’s philosophy is predicated on the concept that "changing behavior requires changing the brain".

The program is centered on the principle that youth heal (and behavior changes) in the context of adults who are safe, regulated, predictable, empathic, and attuned. YTP is focused on how to create the conditions for the youth’s brain and body to restore as much calm and self-regulation as possible as the foundation for growth, learning and intrinsically motivated behavior change.

YTP staff members are trained to work with these youth to find effective ways for them to meet their needs for physical and emotional safety. "Repairs" or "Restorative tasks" are opportunities for the youth to learn new skills and change their neurobiology within the context of healthy adult relationships. Working through ongoing relational ruptures and repairs create opportunities to learn how to build trust with adults—which is at the heart of how growth and change occurs at YTP. This restorative, trauma-informed approach concentrates on "connection before correction" and strives to build a sense of alliance (rather than compliance) with each youth—where youth are able to trust the care of adults and also trust adults’ limits as care.


Varies - typically shifts available between 2pm and 11pm, potentially weekend mornings, 8-4 as needed.

Must be able to work a minimum of 12 hours a week, will be scheduled a maximum of 28 hours a week

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